FireFly Gold Series - Red

FireFly Gold Series - Red

  • $7.95


  • Proven Glow-Light Attraction Technology outperforms any glow lure on the market
  • Battery powered, LED glow-light automatically activates when submerged in water and turns off when removed from water
  • Battery lasts up to 5 years
  • Great flutter and tumble action
  • Select Weight: 1/8oz or 1/4oz
  • Individually packed lure


The red ⅛ oz FireFly spoon should be known by all Red Lake fisherman as “the spoon that outfished them all” -  We can’t tell you the amount of emails and messages we get from our customers claiming they out fished their buddies with this lure and that it was “unreal how well they bit this even without bait” When going to Upper Red Lake this lure is a MUST HAVE! Tie one on and hang on tight! The ⅛ oz is a great shallow water spoon with a lot of flutter so the shallow water fisherman love this size for all the action they can put on their bait.

Other lakes this color works well on, Lake Of The Woods, Devils Lake, and other heavily stained water lakes or Dakota slough style fisheries.