FireFly Gold Series - Blue

FireFly Gold Series - Blue

  • $7.95


  • Proven Glow-Light Attraction Technology outperforms any glow lure on the market
  • Battery powered, LED glow-light automatically activates when submerged in water and turns off when removed from water
  • Battery lasts up to 5 years
  • Great flutter and tumble action
  • Select Weight: 1/8oz or 1/4oz
  • Individually packed lure


This color is scientifically proven to be the best color a walleye can pick up on in low light scenarios. Ever since we came across the data and conclusions from these  fish studies blue has become a great secondary color to play with when they refuse your first presentation. This color is always a go to for Crappies for our team and many other anglers and the blue ⅛ oz Firefly is a perfect size for multi species. Often times, greener weed choked lakes that look like pea soup in the summertime are excellent places to target these big panfish and the Blue light just seems to shine in these conditions. Typically we see lots of action on Blue in the Bemidji area, Lake Winnie, The Metro, Southern MN, Southern WI, Iowa, and of-course the river rats on the Mississippi  and Saint Croix. We also get a lot of blue orders from the guys North of the border up in the promise land. So If your looking for a good crappie and walleye spoon, Look no further.